A 2023 membership in the NCRA entitles you to participate in all excursions on the Northern Central Railroad only throughout the membership period, (see dates above) without any additional charge. A 2023 membership also entitles you to vote at our regular monthly meetings. A single-ride temporary membership entitles you to ride for that day only, and does not include voting privileges. You must be a member, or qualified spouse or child of a member to operate a railcar or hy-rail on any excursion on the Northern Central Railroad. If we are able to schedule any Stewartstown RR excursions, there will be an additional charge for that excursion.

MEMBERSHIP IN THE NCRA IS NOT NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OTHER SPEEDER MEETS COORDINATED BY THE NCRA. You will receive ride offerings on other NCRA excursions regardless of your membership status.

PLEASE NOTE: Although there will be several scheduled and advertised events on the NCRR, most runs are set up a week or less in advance and are not advertised. The NCRA can ride the NCRR, with permission, several times each month. If you are interested in riding on a given date, contact the President or Secretary a week in advance to determine if other members are planning to run. Many times a run can be set up if something wasn’t already planned.


 Membership in the NCRA is required before setting on at any NCRR or Stewartstown Railroad excursion. All release forms must be signed before setting on. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dean Grote, President

4072 Blue Hill Road

Hanover, PA 17331  


You must be a 2023 NARCOA member and have 2023 NARCOA insurance to apply for 2023 NCRA membership.

You must completely fill out and return the membership application.

You must also sign and return the Northern Central Railroad release.

Price is $40 for all new members.

Make a check $40 for new membership per application payable to: NCRA

Mail to:


54 Adams Road

New Freedom, PA  17349

Eileen Shrey, Secretary/Treasurer

54 Adams Road

New Freedom, PA  17349


Instructions for NCRA Membership Application

A. Each 2023 member will receive an Operator’s Permit Card after completing the above requirements.

B. You must obey all NCRA & NARCOA rules as well as the rules of the York County Rail Trail.

C. The York County Rail Trail, NCRA, and NARCOA are not liable for any actions undertaken by an operator or rider



D. There will be a designated “run coordinator” established before each run.

E. All runs must be coordinated through the NCRA president. Person to person contact ONLY will be acceptable.

Leaving a message on an answering machine, or sending an e-mail, is NOT verification of a run.

F. The NCRA has the right to restrict your privilege to ride the NCRR and may act at its own discretion within the

ordinary procedures of the Association. The NCRA is a democratic club and operates generally under the Guild of

Parliamentary Procedure.

G. Railcar operators must be at the set-on location at the designated time. Do not set-on until instructed to do so. If you

are late, and the other railcars have left on the run, you may not set-on and run your car.

All forms must be filled out for membership.

The release MUST be printed on duplex(both sides)  Separate pages will NOT be acceptable.

Instruction Sheet